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Welcome to SRIRAM Jewellers

SRIRAM Jewellers - dedicated Jewellers with a legacy in gold business for years from the time of kings as royal Jewellers. We are one of the most contemporary Jewellers with an outlook on modern trends in the art of gold jewellery in South India. SRIRAM Jewellers has unique collection of designs with a perfect blend of classic and contemporary handcrafted designs to satisfy the dreams of every woman. Come to us to fulfill your golden dreams.

About Goldsmith

Goldsmith is an art by which a piece of gold is made ready to wear with various designs using many techniques. It’s not a modern day art, from ancient times these techniques were evolved by skilled persons and passed on to the modern world through apprenticeships. We SRIRAM Jewellers have a group of blessed and talented goldsmiths who are skilled enough to use both the traditional and modern artistic designs in the field of modern jewellery.


Traditionally jewellery are made from silver too, we SRIRAM Jewellers have a unique collection of silver vessels and articles in tune with the changing trends and designs in the art of silver smith. As Silver Jewellers we have a fine collection of artistic designs to meet the needs of modern age with harmony to our tradition.



SRIRAM Jewellers is a name connected with legacy in the field of gold smithing. The roots of our tradition can be traced out beyond 500 years in connection with the Pallava dynasty. After hearing about the exemplary artistic talents of these craftsmen, His Highness Maharaja of Travancore invited them to be a part in his kingdom. They also played an important role in the construction of famous Thiruvananthapuram Lord Shri Padmanabha Swamy Temple. The Masterminds behind our Jewellery are from this Vishwakarma goldsmith family of highly talented craftsmen. We are proud to be the part of this tradition.




Late Shri. S.Ramaswamy Achary

SRIRAM Jewellers was established by Late Shri. S.Ramaswamy Achary in 1956 at Kollemcode, Kanyakumari district, Tamilnadu, India. He steered the firm to a great heights. His sons, R.Subramanian, R.Shankar, and R.Nagarajan are the partners. Among them R.Subramanian is the managing partner and chairman, by following his footsteps endeavored successfully in expanding the empire of SRIRAM Jewellers.


Our Vision

To become a Leading Organisation in the Jewel Industry with having more number of branches in India and abroad.  
To become a Leading Group by spreading our foot to other industries.


Our Mission

To produce and sell large quantities of Gold Ornaments with very high quality and varied design as economically as possible, in order to keep consumer interest.

To provide adequate standard of living to the employees and owners.
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