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SRI RAM Swarna Varshaa

Through SRIRAM Swarna Varshaa Rs.1000/- saved monthly and deposited will get you some of the most beautifully hand crafted Gold Jewellery, Diamond Jewellery and Precious Stones you have always wanted, in just 12 months. Decide to save and own gold now or wait at one later.
How does the scheme work?

You have to make regular monthly payment of Rs.1000/- for 12 months (saving option available in multiples of Rs.500/- such as Rs.1500/-, Rs.2000/-, Rs.2500/-, etc.). On the 13th month you can take home gold ornaments of your choice or place orders for patterns you like for the accumulated amount credited in your account plus one monthly payment as bonus. The mode of payment shall be by cash or cheque/DD drawn in favour of "SRIRAM Jewellers" payable at "Kollemcode" and shall be paid on or before the monthly due date (Join date). Payment by post dated cheques(PDCs) are also entertained. Outstation cheques are not accepted.

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